Transcendence: A Look Into the Future


Starring: Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall

Director: Wally Pfister

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Transcendence is a film that focuses on biotechnology in the future. It is about a company that’s primary goal is to develop technology that can act the way a human brain does. While this idea seems innovative and useful, there are flaws with this plan. While these advancements are in the process of being created, the public begin to protest the ideas of these new machines. Meanwhile, the main character Dr. Will Caster (played by Johnny Depp)has been working on developing the brain technology.

Caster’s involvement with the technology is well known, and he ends up getting shot by one of the technology protestors. To save his life, Caster’s brain is actually uploaded into this new technology. This was such a risky move, as he was uploaded to everything accessible to computers, which is, everything. So now, while the protestors continue to riot, this new artificial intelligence, with Caster inside, continues to grow on its own.

Transcendence is fairly decent for roughly the first half, but it then very quickly hits a wall. If you go to see this movie, and it starts to stagnate, you’ve hit the wall and you should just leave. You’ll be saving yourself some time, as the plot development comes to a halt, and the viewer really does not need to know anything else. Like I said, half of the movie is good, so overall it’s a halfway decent movie. While not close to Johnny Depp’s better films, it’s still sort of watchable. The main problem is that the storyline is confusing and hard to follow, and does not stand up well on it’s own.

Rating: 6 of 10

Written by: Patrick Hoarty

*All Images Courtesy of Google Images


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