First Look: Sex Tape

Sex-Tape-2014-Movie-PosterYesterday, Sony Pictures Entertainment released the first official trailer for their summer 2014 comedy Sex Tape, starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal. The movie reunites the cast (minus Timberlake) and director of Bad Teacher, and serves as the first on-screen appearance for Jason Segal post-How I Met Your Mother. It is also the second comedy film for Diaz this year, with the first being April’s The Other Woman.

In the trailer, we see a married couple Jay and Annie (Segal and Diaz), who have lost the physical spark in their relationship. To get it back, they decide to film themselves having relations, with the intent of deleting the video in the morning. Little do they know that as they are sleeping, their iPad uploads the video to The Cloud, and is now accessible to anyone connected to their system. Now with their reputations on the line, Jay and Annie must go around and destroy all the iPads in the neighborhood to hide their sex tape forever.

Sex Tape hits theaters July 25, 2014. Will you watch?

Check out the trailer below!

*All Images Courtesy of Google Images

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