300: Rise of an Empire – Fall of a Franchise

MV5BMTEwNTU2MjAwMDdeQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU3MDk2Njc2Njk@._V1_SY1200_CR90,0,630,1200_300: Rise of an Empire

Starring: Eva Green, Sullivan Stapleton

Director: Noam Murro

After the first 300 being a massive success, Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures decided to turn to Zack Snyder to produce the sequel. Unfortunately, the second time around wasn’t as good. Rise of an Empire takes place in the events of the first 300. The plot is just a simple, bleak war between two nations. However, this time is obviously more fictional and definitely more graphic, while still having the same “feel” as the first 300.

300: Rise of an Empire is filled with pointless violence, which is filmed and shown from an awkward, non-enjoyable perspective. With the slow motion and extreme gore, the scenes seem longer than they are and need to be. Now only were the action scenes bleak, the story line was as well. To be completely honest, I can’t remember what the actual plot was. Suffice it to say, Rise of an Empire is not nearly as good as it’s predecessor (which is saying a lot).

300: Rise of an Empire is not good. The only thing that is good about the movie is that it is a good film to go see with your friends just to laugh at. If you plan on watching this for another reason, I strongly advise against it. If you have to decide between seeing Rise of an Empire and doing anything else, I’d say do anything else.

Rating: 3 of 10

Written by: Patrick Hoarty

*All Images Courtesy of Google Images


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